Posted BY: Jerome Corsi

In combating the global warming (aka, climate change) movement, we fail to understand that the radical left today lives in a value-relative phenomenology shaped by a mixture of postmodernism blended with neo-Marxism. It misses the mark merely to refute the hoax science behind the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s decision to eliminate the use of hydrocarbon fuels.

The sad truth is that government-funded climate scientists know CO2 is not the control knob of Earth’s temperature. The postmodernist mind lives in the John Lennon world where “reimagining” is required to advance us into their carbon-free utopia. In this bizarre world, post-modernism rejects the Enlightenment’s confidence in a fact-based, rule-driven reality anchored by scientific proof that overrides subjective desires. To them, the reality is a “language game” (in Wittgenstein’s terms) or, as they say, a “narrative.”

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In his 2006 DVD and book An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore treated us to many upcoming climate disasters, establishing a precedent holding that hysterically predicting those disasters is sufficient to force governments to abandon hydrocarbon fuels. Michael Mann fabricated the “hockey stick theory” [i.e., the fallacious claim that global temperatures rose dramatically only after the dawn of the industrial age] on similar climate fearmongering.

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