Posted BY: Ted Noel

We are all familiar with the fact that members of Congress are constitutionally immune from prosecution over what they say during the time they are debating in the House or Senate (Article 1, §6, clause 1). So, Pencil Neck Schiff was free to lie through his teeth about “evidence” of Trump conspiring with Russia, and all we could do was turn the volume down or change channels. The January 6 Select Committee was similarly free to declare that the riot around the Capitol building was “an insurrection” “worse than Pearl Harbor,” and we had no other recourse.

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Of course, the Uniparty, to which Mitch the Turtle McConnell, Mittens Romney, and Thom Tillis have declared their allegiance, is now sounding air raid sirens over Tucker Carlson’s airing of previously concealed surveillance video from inside the Capitol. Kevin McCarthy wisely has avoided taking any sides other than to declare that transparency is a paramount virtue. Mere citizens such as this writer are left to puzzle out the legal ramifications of this turn of events. The case of Jacob Chansley, aka the Q-Anon Shaman, brings them into sharp focus. And we must wonder if the Committee and their allies are yelling because they have been placed in serious legal jeopardy. Tucker is taking flak from them, so he must be over the target.

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