Posted BY: Craig Seibert

There is a concerted effort to destroy the very foundations of our constitutional republic.  Public schools have been ground zero of this attack for decades, though it has been hidden from view from those not paying attention. But it is now out in full view, with the radical advancement of Critical Race Theory and the rewriting of American History.  

Fake History’s ultimate target is the foundation of the United States and the Founders themselves.  If you can discredit or marginalize the Founders, you can marginalize their ideas and principles and then discard them.

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As we just passed Religious Freedom Day, January 16th, which celebrates the Religious Freedom Statues of 1786 signed by then-Governor Thomas Jefferson, I want to take a moment to debunk a hoax created about Thomas Jefferson that began to get real traction toward the end of the last century. The purpose of this hoax is to marginalize Thomas Jefferson in the minds of the public, but particularly in the eyes of people of faith, so that in turn his ideas can be marginalized and thereafter nullified and discarded.

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