Posted BY: Steve Feinstein

Among the many examples of how cynically the progressive Left exploits fringe special-interest groups to do their political bidding, none is starker than the callous manner in which they manipulate the LGBTQ+ crowd.

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Progressives have fashioned the LGBTQ+ group into a political “mafia.” Their job is to strike fear into the neighboring community, attempt to exert influence over events to their own benefit and just generally intimidate the surrounding society at large by forcing them to act in any manner the mafia wants. The bottom-line goal of the mafia’s activity is to make progressives look good and to make conservatives gun-shy. So-called “normal” society doesn’t want to cross the LGBTQ+ mafia, lest they be labeled as intolerant haters and run the risk of having their business boycotted and being publicly shamed for their backward views.

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