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The family of a Georgia man who died in a bedbug-infested jail cell last year is now demanding a criminal investigation into his death as well as the closure and replacement of the jail, PEOPLE can confirm.

An Atlanta-based attorney for the family of LaShawn Johnson claims the 35-year-old inmate was found unresponsive in his “filthy” cell on Sept. 19, 2022,, after being “eaten alive by insects” and cited the Fulton County Jail’s unsanitary conditions as reasoning for his death, according to a Harper Law Firm statement obtained by PEOPLE.

“The jail cell Mr. Thompson was housed in, was not fit for a diseased animal,” lawyer, Michael D. Harper, said in the statement dated April 12. “He did not deserve this.”

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Thompson was arrested three months earlier, on June 12, 2022, for misdemeanor simple battery and was put into the psychiatric unit of the jail after officials reportedly determined he had unspecified mental health issues, according to the statement.

Citing jail records, the attorney said that officers and medical staff at the jail noticed Thompson was deteriorating, but did nothing to help him.

“They literally watched his health decline until he died,” Harper said. “When his body was found one of the detention officers refused to administer CPR because in her words she “freaked out.”

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