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(Natural News) New research published in the peer-reviewed journal Cureus on February 2 shows that vaccine uptake is directly correlated to infant mortality – meaning the more vaccinations a baby receives, the greater the likelihood of sudden death.

Authors Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D., an independent computer scientist, and Neil Z. Miller, a medical researcher, confirmed once again what they determined more than a decade ago: that there is a positive statistical correlation between infant mortality rates (IMRs) and the number of vaccine doses a baby receives.

Entitled ” Reaffirming a Positive Correlation Between Number of Vaccine Doses and Infant Mortality Rates: A Response to Critics,” the paper states that a “positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses and IMRs is detectable in the most highly developed nations.”

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Replicating the same statistical analysis they used back in 2011 to arrive at the same conclusion, Goldman and Miller affirmed once again that vaccination programs are the bane of childhood health. What was billed to us as beneficial for public health is actually a detriment to it, the new study confirms.

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