It is easily forgotten that what Hitler’s Nazis did was also in the name of public healthThe Old Nazis were overtly terrifying but in many ways, these New covert Nazis pose more of a threat to humanity

Posted BY: Karen Harradine | The Conservative Woman

Like most Jewish children, I had extensive Holocaust education, making it easy for me to spot parallels with the New Nazis foisting medical and climate change fascism on us. I also experienced firsthand the fascism of apartheid policy in South Africa.

Before March 2020, we were encouraged to make comparisons with history’s monsters such as Adolf Hitler and his Nazis. But today’s New Nazis, a depraved mix of the United Nations (UN), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), World Economic Forum (WEF), Chinese Communist Party (CCP), public health officials, pharmaceutical companies, social media giants, mainstream media and politicians, have cleverly sidestepped such comparisons by claiming both the moral high ground and control over world health. Consequently, all that has been abnormal these past two and a half years is normalized, and the ultimate end game appears to be UN Agenda 2030.

It is easily forgotten that what Hitler’s Nazis did was also in the name of public health; they demonized Jews as ‘unclean’, called them Untermenschen (‘inferior people’), and blamed them for spreading disease, claiming that national health and purity had to be protected. The New Nazis, in the name of public health and safety, aided by plenty of useful idiots, dehumanize, demonize and cancel anyone who dissents from the green agenda, Covid Cult, and its vaccine zealotry. They have locked down entire populations and removed all freedom in this name; hurting the poor most.

Like the old Nazis, the New Nazis, including British MPs in all parties, are guilty of supporting essentially a eugenics agenda. The old Nazis murdered 200,000 mentally and physically disabled victims, including babies whom they starved to death, deeming them all ‘unworthy of life’.

The anti-science, CCP-style lockdowns of the last two years provided a cover for the practitioners of a new brand of eugenics. It denied lifesaving treatment, vital healthcare, and indeed any care unless you had Covid-19. In the spring of 2020, some NHS health authorities actioned their own eugenics programs, demanding Do Not Resuscitate orders for autistic adults deemed to have fallen dangerously ill with Covid-19. The Care Quality Commission later found that blanket DNR notices had been imposed across the board for those with dementia over 80 in some care homes. 

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The Department of Health under Health Secretary Matt Hancock ordered vast amounts of the palliative care drug midazolam, apparently to ‘avoid potential shortages’. Hancock encouraged the use of the drug for care home residents, tens of thousands of whom had been cleared out of hospitals at his order. Hancock is now making money as a ‘celebrity’ on television. That so few protested at the time and that so many politicians cozied up to him at his recent book launch shows how quickly the normalization of the abnormal has taken place and is accelerating. 

The New Nazis ruthlessly enforce their intertwined (and equally futile) ideologies of Zero Covid and Net Zero, no matter how many livelihoods they destroy, as did the old Nazis. Both are authoritarian policies. The Times recently extolled the virtues of shivering in the dark and cold to ‘preserve resources’, which the New Nazis certainly won’t be doing themselves. ‘Own nothing and be happy’ is the mantra that sums up this perverse and callous approach advocated by Klaus Schwab and his acolytes at the World Economic Forum.

Fascist regimes typically destroy economic and social foundations in the pursuit of a rigid ideology centering on apocalyptic fears and threats, thus making obedience and reliance on the state for survival a necessity. A New Dark Age, twinned with a new feudal system, is upon us.

Most of those who enforced this New Nazism on us (in the name of a bad flu virus) is still in parliament. Boris Johnson, discarding any pretense of democracy, made totalitarian rule achievable through the Coronavirus Act and the Public Health Act regulation amendments. We should not forget that the then Home Secretary, Priti Patel, following practice in former East Germany, encouraged neighbors to snitch on each other over lockdown disobedience, the known fascist tactic of divide and conquer.

Accelerating the decay of Britain, our government, with the silent compliance of MPs, has also transferred power to unaccountable supranational bodies with clear agendas for controlling the population, mostly recently Agenda 2030, which impose correct thought and set limitations on our freedoms that national governments weakly or actively comply with.

Protest, either in the streets or online, is quickly silenced. The New Nazis, like the Old Nazis, do not tolerate any dissent and are moving worryingly in the direction of criminalizing opposition. The repressive new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. gives the police powers to place conditions on protests, especially to prevent ‘noise’, or ‘distress’ to the public. 

The Online Safety Bill still has the power to enforce Orwellian suppression of free speech to keep us all ‘safe’ despite promises to remove the ‘legal but harmful’ clause. Toby Young has pointed out that the definition of illegal content in clause 52 (12) of the bill says the content social media platforms will have a legal duty to remove content that’s illegal in any part of the UK (‘offense means any offense under the law of any part of the United Kingdom’). Failure to remove such content could result in those platforms being fined up to 10 percent of their annual global turnover.  Not good news for freedom platforms such as TCW.

These same MPs are not finished with lockdown repression either, having signed us up to the frightening World Health Organisation’s Pandemic Treaty. 

This power grab enables the CCP and the BMGF-dominated WHO to supersede national constitutions and governments, and dictate a global response to anything it deems as a ‘pandemic’. Enforced lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations will be its instruments of totalitarian rule. Digital slavery, as practiced by the CCP, implemented globally, will tighten the control of these unaccountable supra-national organizations and represents a further transfer of power to those who are not accountable to us and do not have our interests at heart – only their own.

The Old Nazis were overtly terrifying but in many ways, these New covert Nazis pose more of a threat to humanity. Unlike their predecessors, they already exercise global power and have brainwashed billions into compliance, into following and enforcing their anti-human machinations. Resisting them, at all costs, is now an urgent task.