The inventor of email running as an Independent candidate for president offers a thorough presentation of how the elites work together to maintain the status quo.

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Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email running as an independent for president in 2024, released an informative lecture on how the elites wield their influence to maintain control over humanity.

Using a whiteboard, Dr. Ayyadurai illustrated how the New World Order is not led by one single group in a top-down fashion but operates using a decentralized “swarm intelligence” system to carry out the status quo aimed at preserving its wealth and power.

“It’s not any one individual, it’s not any one organization. There’s something called swarm intelligence. If you watch all those birds flying together, not any one of them is in control. They move together as a unit. They’re closely knit, they’re ‘telepathic,’ but they move with a singular goal,” he explained.

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In the case of the elites, the goal is power, profit, and control.

Ayyadurai went on to map out on the whiteboard how corporations, governments, NGOs, think tanks, financial institutions, Hollywood, Big Pharma, the media, and politicians collectively watch out for each other to influence policy and propaganda against the masses to maintain power.