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Every day as I open my news feeds I hope for a day without some new insanity from the Left. And every day I learn that however stupid and offensive they were yesterday, today will be worse. There seems to be no limit to the depths they will pursue.

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health (You expect us to believe that name after what you’ve told us?) was interviewed on National Socialist Public Radio. He bemoaned the “inability” of the NIH to convince us to get a shot that contains the primary toxic element (the spike protein) of the Fauci Flu and has over 16,000 deaths recorded in the VAERS database. That’s more deaths than all other vaccines for all other diseases, overall time … combined. Yeah. We are commanded to rush to stand in line to put ourselves at risk for death, disability, or who knows what other horrible disease waits for us due to the spike protein’s inflammatory and thrombogenic properties. Count me out.

Dr. Collins insists that we should frogmarch our children to get a “vaccine” that they don’t need because the disease they get is so minor, with only 2 chances in a million of dying. They should get it to prevent them from transmitting a disease that they don’t transmit well. And they should get it to prevent a disease that isn’t even an epidemic anymore.

But we should get the shot anyway. Somehow Collins “knows” something that we don’t. This vaccine against the alpha variant spike protein is supposed to “protect” us, even though the spike has mutated into the delta, mu, kappa, and who knows how many other forms that the “vaccine” doesn’t work so well against.

But somehow “the terrible, tragic toll it’s taking is almost entirely on the shoulders of the unvaccinated people.” Really? How can that be? After all, we know that fresh air and sunlight prevent the transmission of the bug. If you have to stay indoors in recirculated air, good filters and UV light in the HVAC sterilize the air. That means you won’t get the bug or pass it on inside your house. Some burden.

Maybe he means that if you get vaccinated, you won’t pass the bug on creating a form of “source control.” BUT!!! We know that “fully vaccinated” people pass on just as much virus as unvaccinated people. The cells inside the air sacs (alveoli) get infected and multiply virus without getting near the antibodies and killer T-cells that come from getting vaccinated. Let me translate this into simple English.

The Fauci Flu is airborne. You breathe it in if you’re around the virus. And you breathe it out if you’ve gotten infected. That doesn’t mean you’re sick. Your immunity will keep you from getting sick… if it works. And we know it’s not working all that well, since there’s good evidence that vaccinated people aren’t very well protected.

Let’s say that again. To quote CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, “they can’t … prevent transmission.” To which we should add, “To me or from me.” That means that the only possible benefit is to keep me from getting sick. But we know that under age 50, COVID is not causing deaths, and if you do get sick, HCQ and Ivermectin have been extensively proven to prevent hospitalization. In short, without any of the vax side effects, you can protect yourself really well… if your state will let your doctor prescribe either of those cheap, safe, and effective drugs.

But I digress. The brilliant Dr. Collins insists that over 100,000 people died because of “misinformation” preventing them from getting the Fauci Ouchy. What “misinformation?” The facts I just went through? The facts that show you don’t have any need for the Fauci Ouchy? Or the misinformation from CDC and NIH? He goes on to say:

MARTIN (interviewer): So misinformation is the deadliest disease at this point.

COLLINS: It is. And I think those who are intentionally spreading this kind of information that they know to be false for some political or personal reasons, I really think they are the ones that we ought to be trying to track down and figure out, why are you doing this? And isn’t there some kind of justice for this kind of action? Isn’t this like yelling fire in a crowded theater? Are you really allowed to do that without some consequences?

His misquote of Justice Holmes’ (overturned in Brandenburg v. Ohio, 1969) opinion in Schenck v US (1919) shows that he would dearly love someone to be arrested and tried for saying something different from CDC and NIH dogma. The facts be damned! “Misinformation” must be punished. Notice that the esteemed Dr. Collins doesn’t use the magic word “FBI,” but he might as well be doing so. He is ignoring the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions on freedom of speech. Such inconveniences must be set aside in the face of this “crisis.”

Collins’ comments reveal that the Left has one standard and one standard only – RightSpeak. They are our betters, and we would do well to remember that. We must bow at the altar of the State. This is the authoritarianism they decry, set loose and in full howl.

We must expose these evil people at every turn, for they have let slip the dogs of war on peaceful Americans, who merely wish to live their lives, free of coercion from this wicked cabal. We must “Cry havoc!” for America’s demise looms.

Ted Noel MD is a retired Anesthesiologist/Intensivist who posts on social media as DoctorTed and @vidzette.

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