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Victor 6000 is now the ‘main hope’ for underwater rescue

The French vessel L’Atalante is currently preparing their remotely operated underwater vehicle, the Victor 6000, to enter the water.

Rob Larter, a marine expert at the British Antarctic Survey, told a press conference today that he thought the Victor 6000 was the ‘main hope’ for underwater rescue.

And Alistair Greig, a professor of marine engineering at University College London, said the robot’s two manipulator arms could potentially allow it to untangle the Titan, or attach a device that could float it to the surface.

The Victor 6000 also has strong lights, allowing one to see through some of the murk at such depths. But the experts warned that the rescuers would need to know fairly precisely where to look for Titan, which currently does not seem to be the case.

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Finding the submersible ‘could potentially take weeks of the intense survey,’ Mr. Larter warned. And even if search teams do find the submersible, a rescue operation could take up precious time.

In a normal situation, it would take two hours for an ROV like the Victor 6000 to get down to the necessary depth – and another two hours to float back up, Mr. Greig said. The missing submersible is also reportedly bolted from the outside, which could take up more time, he added.

Mr. Larter said it was a ‘desperate situation’. He added: ‘It’s kind of unimaginable if people are alive, trapped in a submersible with oxygen supplies running down. An objective assessment of where things are at the moment: it doesn’t look good.’