Matt Bracken nailed it in 2003

The Plan to Cause Martial Law in Virginia

Source: Matt Bracken | 

This excerpt from my 2003 novel “Enemies Foreign And Domestic” takes place two weeks after a false-flag sniper attack on a packed football stadium, one week after all semi-automatic “assault rifles” are banned, and a few days after a prominent anti-gun Senator from Maryland is assassinated.]

Virginia Attorney General Eric Sanderson was in his favorite place, standing in front of a bank of television cameras.  There was nothing he loved better than being in the public eye, and today he was taking personal credit for pushing through a brand new anti-terrorism program.

While his aides gave him a countdown to air time, news producers were shoving five dress-uniformed chiefs-of-police around behind him like movie extras, framing the television shot for the best effect.  These medal-wearing law enforcement officials went along passively with being grabbed and pushed like stage props: they were also aspiring politicians, and they cheerfully suffered the indignity of the moment as fair trade for the television face time.

It had not been a simple matter for Sanderson to pull together a television-ready demonstration gun checkpoint team in 48 hours, but he had done it.  He had the gift, he was going places and all of the important people knew it.  Doors opened themselves magically in front of him as they had all of his life, from Harvard Law up until today, because success was Eric Sanderson’s birthright.

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