Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

Sometimes amid the doom and gloom left in the Deep State’s wake, it is easy to see only cruel waves of tyranny battering America’s shores while missing completely the undercurrent of rising political self-consciousness remaking the American public today.  While defending ourselves from unexpected blows, it can seem as if the same government officials who once took oaths to defend the nation have inexplicably decided to conquer it instead, and the brutal shock of our situation leaves us feeling as if there is nothing we can do.

Yet we are doing something: we are thinking for ourselves.  And it is this independent, unauthorized, unofficial public thinking that has led to this great head-on collision between the governing and the governed.  Sure, the government’s accelerating war against free speech can and should be seen as further proof that a latent totalitarian impulse has long been lurking within the marble halls of D.C.’s bureaucratic playground, but the Deep State’s obsession with what we think and say comes now precisely because those who wish to rule over us have already lost control over our minds — maybe forever.

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