Posted BY: Joe Hoft

President Trump released a statement about the nightmare DOJ that has turned into a communist police force for the far-left.  

President Trump shared the weaponization of the Justice Department and its FBI:
President Trump noted that all these crimes were committed by the Justice Department which should be adhering to justice and convicting criminals.  Instead, the leaders of the DOJ and FBI are committing crimes and innocent Americans, including President Trump and the hundreds of individuals who constitutionally protested on Jan 6, are being arrested despite committing no crimes.

President Trump is right.  These crimes are being committed to hurt the Democrat’s top political opponent.

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President Trump is right.  The President has every right to take whatever documents he chooses with him when he leaves office.  He has the right to declassify documents.

The many actions by the FBI are criminal and their actions against President Trump amounted to a seditious coup.

Now the economy and foreign policy are also going to hell.   President Trump is right.