Posted BY: Stephen Baskerville

Yet another young black man is beaten to death by police in a major city.  So what is the response by the political class?

From the left comes the predictable pablum: systemic “racism,” etc., etc. — even though all the policemen were black, and so is the chief policeperson. 

But what do we get from the right?  Mostly their own predictable pablum: “It is not systemic racism.”  Oh, yes, and “not all police are bad,” etc., etc.

But this time, we get a little something more, or at least I thought we did.  During an interview with Tucker Carlson, Jason Whitlock put his finger right on it.  

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His words are too good not to be quoted in full:

I would examine the racial element because there is a racial element. … Everybody involved in this … was … 24–32 years old. … It looked like gang violence to me.  It looked like what young black men do when they’re supervised by a single black woman.  And that’s what they’ve got going in the Memphis police department.  They’ve … put some black woman in charge of the police force.  And we’re getting the same kind of chaos and disunity and violence that we see in a lot of these cities that are run by single mothers.  If we want to discuss the breakdown of families that leads to disrespect for authority, that causes you to resist the police and run from the police … because you resist authority at all times because there was no male authority in your home, let’s have that discussion.  But that’s not where they want to take us. … It’s the breakdown of families and the buying in of these left-wing things that have nothing to do with promoting families.

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