Posted BY: Jack Cashill

I have to wonder how George Zimmerman felt upon reading about the shooting death of Kansas City firefighter Anthony Santi, 41.

Ten years ago, after getting his head pounded into the concrete for a minute or more, Zimmerman famously shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.  Although Martin attacked the much smaller Zimmerman without provocation, and eyewitness evidence supported Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense, the media and the woke mobs frightened state prosecutors into charging Zimmerman with second-degree murder and ruining his life.

Santi’s shooter, by contrast, faces no consequences whatsoever, not even a review before a grand jury.  According to the Kansas City Star, Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, a liberal Democrat known for her racially sensitive leniency, “decided not to move forward with a second-degree murder charge against the woman because it could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she was acting outside of Missouri’s self-defense law.”

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The Star article compares the case to Zimmerman’s and mistakenly argues that he was cleared on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground.”  He wasn’t.  The Zimmerman case was pure self-defense.  Unlike with Zimmerman, the local media did not rail against self-defense laws in the Santi shooting.  This is curious in that just a few months before the shooting, the media were widely denouncing a pending Missouri Stand Your Ground bill as the “Make Murder Legal Act.”

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