Posted BY: Russell Paul La Valle

As the Biden administration’s progressive agenda rages on, shell-shocked Americans are asking themselves, “How could so much go so wrong so fast?”

From inflation to energy, immigration to crime, Afghanistan to fentanyl, President Biden has kept America lurching from crisis to crisis, failed policy to failed policy, debacle to debacle — obsessed with dismantling the Trump legacy and deliberately charting a radical course that is proving ruinous to the country.  America is burning, and Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care.

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After his surprising win in the 2012 South Carolina Republican primary, Newt Gingrich explained his victory on Face the Nation: “I think the number one thing people look for in difficult times is authenticity.  They want somebody who is what he seems, somebody who is comfortable with himself, somebody who’s able to have force in what he’s saying or she’s saying because they actually believe it.”

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