Posted BY: William Manning

Equity is one of those quirky words that has numerous meanings, including “the value of an asset” and “justice according to natural law or right.”  The first defines equity as the value of financial assets a person might possess.  The second establishes equity as a quality of fairness divined by nature or our Creator.  If we look at the word closely, we discover that these meanings converge in the collective mind of liberals.  

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The Biden administration defines equity as “the consistent and systematic treatment of all individuals in a fair, just, and impartial manner.”  Who could be against a policy so pure?  One would think the supporters of a policy so pragmatically pristine would encourage critical discussion.  This is not the case.  Anyone that dares question the Democrat party’s pursuit of equity is castigated as a blasphemer against liberal orthodoxy.  Liberals require opponents to approach their canon with the reverence of monastic silence.  But when the equity dogma is examined, one realizes that it more closely resembles a Faustian bargain than progressive enlightenment.

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