The Silent Majority is Going to Get Loud - W³P Lives

Source: John Green

When government fails to act in the interests of its citizens, it’s their duty to take action.  For 20+ years, the United States has seen failure of government through unrestricted illegal immigration, one-sided trade deals, uncontrolled spending, and failed foreign policy.

Predictably this has created a seething anger within the American citizenry.  As was their duty, the citizens took action — at the ballot box.  They elected Donald Trump in 2016.  President Trump didn’t create the anger, the anger created him. 

While he made substantial strides in response to their grievances, his time in office was too short to fully institutionalize the necessary course corrections — particularly with unprecedented resistance from the Deep State.  The grievances of the citizenry remain unresolved.

Unfortunately, avenues of redress have continued to close.  Our institutions are no longer providing equal protection, our freedom of expression has been curtailed, and even our vote has been undermined.  These factors brought us to our current state — a level of political tension not seen in generations.  Traditional avenues of redress are under attack.

The United States has a heritage of civil protest as a means to effect political change.  However, even prior to the Trump era, legacy media has used gaslighting to undermine the protest messages.  Tea Party protesters were called racists and domestic terrorists.  Trump rally attendees were called white supremacists.  Peaceful protests have been called violent uprisings while violent protests (by BLM and Antifa) have been called “mostly peaceful.”  The media have effectively used propaganda to crush political expression.  They are attempting to impugn the speakers to discredit the message.

In recent years, suppression of expression has taken another alarming turn — outright censorship. Divergent political views, and even legitimate news stories, are being suppressed by legacy news media, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and other social media sites.  Some have argued that as private companies they may censor content at their discretion.  However, these social media companies have become the new town squares.  Their control over information goes far beyond that of a private company merely expressing its opinion. 

In addition, the Harris/Biden administration recently disclosed that it is colluding with social media oligarchs to “prevent the spread of misinformation.”  Of course, anything contrary to their preferred narrative is considered “misinformation.”  This is the power of government being used to crush political speech.  It is a clear violation of our right to freedom of speech — and they don’t care.

Another means to affect government is of course through election.  We all have a vote, and our vote mattered — until November 2020.  Allegations of fraud hang over the 2020 election.   Media assertions that allegations of fraud have been debunked are simply propaganda.  The claims of fraud may or may not be true. We simply don’t know, because there has been no litigation of the evidence.  Observers were barred from vote counting.  Election officials have deleted or hidden logs.  Audit reports have been sealed or hidden from the public.  Courts have used procedural arguments to avoid trying any of the election cases.  There has been no public disclosure or debate of the evidence.  We don’t know if the election was stolen — and that is the problem.  There can be no faith in elections without transparency.

We do know that no Republican since President George H.W. Bush has been afforded a gracious transfer of power by the Democrats.  Both George W. Bush and Donald Trump were called “illegitimate” for their entire presidencies.  No Democratic administration in 30 years has given up power graciously. Excuse my skepticism, but to believe nothing nefarious was done this time, I need to see the evidence.

We’re told we have government institutions to protect us from tyranny.  Agencies have procedures to ensure equal treatment.  The problem is, they don’t follow them.  Laws are written to apply equally to all, but in practice, they are applied selectively.  It has become all too apparent that members of the Deep State have become active political players.

The IRS targeted the Tea Party and even disclosed confidential tax filings for political purposes.  Yet nobody was fired, let alone prosecuted.  Now they’re doing it again by classifying faith-based organizations as Republican operatives.

The FBI and CIA were converted into political hit machines to target political opponents. Watergate pales in comparison.  Numerous people went to prison for Watergate, yet only one low-level actor received a few months of probation for the biggest political scandal in my lifetime.

In the Hillary Clinton email investigation, her associates were given immunity and the FBI helped destroy the evidence.  Yet Robert Mueller spent three years and $25M plus to investigate Donald Trump.  Disturbingly, Mueller learned that the whole “Russian collusion” allegation was a hoax within the first few months of his investigation.  Yet, he continued his investigation anyway for another three years — and through another election cycle.  He wasn’t investigating a crime; he was looking for a crime, setting perjury traps (creating crimes), and supporting a propaganda ministry narrative.

A sailor was imprisoned for taking an innocent picture aboard a submarine.  Hillary Clinton exposed hundreds of classified documents but wasn’t charged because “she didn’t mean it.”  The “I didn’t mean it” defense never seems to work for anyone but Democrats.

The courts aren’t blameless in this mess.  They’ve become so politicized that identifying who appointed a judge is necessary for all court reporting.  Their political affiliation has become predictive of their judicial decisions.  The presumption of equal application of laws and unbiased decisions is gone.  Hence, we get rulings that Obama executive orders on immigration are constitutional, but Trump’s aren’t.  The Democrats are even working towards “packing” the judicial system to further the corruption.

The courts have also abdicated their duty relative to the 2020 election.  The Supreme Court is too busy redefining the Constitution to be bothered with its defense.   It was the final institution in a position to ensure adherence to laws and adjudicate allegations of fraud.  Yet it simply declined to hear the cases.  Protection of our voting rights was of no interest to the court.

In 2021 we have reached an impasse.  Our government no longer represents our interests, our attempts to speak out are suppressed, our elections are corrupted, and the courts are no longer protecting our rights.  The press has become the propaganda ministry of the left.  Government agencies will not acknowledge corruption.  The political parties are doing nothing to fix this mess.

In 1969, Richard Nixon asserted that there was a large group of Americans who held traditional American values and who voted but avoided public attention.  He called them the “silent majority.”  His reelection proved his theory correct.  That majority still exists and is beginning to react to our current political environment.  They became the “angry majority” and elected Donald Trump in 2016.  Nothing since Trump left office has lowered their temperature.  Oppression of their rights doesn’t cool anger — it inflames it. American citizens have never been subjects and aren’t likely to accept that status now.  The left needs to keep two things in mind: Those who value their liberty are still the majority, and eventually their anger will turn to action.

Our political leadership better get a clue before it’s too late.  If the majority’s voices are silenced, their actions will be loud.