Posted BY: Richard McDonough

There is an idea out there that I … do not have objective decision-making because of who I am, where I come from, and my perspective.  But I reject that.  We say there is nothing objective about policy-making, we all inject our perspective, our point of view, our lived experiences, and the voices of our constituents.

                      —Ilhan Omar, to House of Representatives upon being removed by vote from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Feb. 2, 2023

Ilhan Omar, somehow, managed to say, with considerable contempt and sanctimony, not to mention falsehood, both that she is capable of being objective and that she is not capable of being objective.  

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The blatant falsehood is that she claims she was removed from the committee because of her race, gender and religion.  Actually no, she was removed for her past long history of despicable anti-Semitic remarks.

Further, Omar says she “rejects” the “idea [that] is out there” (in the stratosphere or something) that she is not capable of being objective.    

Not apparently having mastered the most basic first-year college logic course, she immediately followed this by admitting that she is not objective because, wait for it, nobody is capable of being objective. 

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