Posted BY: Joe Hoft

The state of New California took another giant step towards statehood last week.  

Americans in the state of California have had enough of the corrupt anti-American actions the unconstitutional leaders of the state continue to take.  These patriots are tired of policies that the leadership in the state takes to help China and the cartels while destroying the state and the country.  They’ve had enough.

These multiple unconstitutional anti-American actions taken by the far-left and now communist acting leaders of the state are too much.  The state cannot continue with policies of open borders, high crime, massive spending, and corrupt elections.  Because of all this, the state of New California was formed.

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The leadership of the new state of California has held numerous meetings over the past few years. They ultimately decided to use the West Virginia model to create a new state which is made up of numerous counties in the current state of California.

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