Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

The economic decline and exodus of businesses from San Francisco have sparked undeniable consequences, revealing the impact of misguided policies and overlooking the role of rising crime. Initially, city officials and media outlets denied the phenomenon of retailers leaving metro areas, asserting that the departure of businesses was unrelated to escalating crime rates.

The government even considered implementing a law allowing taxation for up to a decade after businesses and individuals relocated out of the state to maintain revenue streams. However, these efforts failed to address the core issues driving the business exodus.

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A significant turning point was marked when CNN reporters covering the crime epidemic in San Francisco fell victim to robbery, exposing the severity of the situation. While the establishment media has often attributed the city’s deterioration primarily to the pandemic, residents strongly disagree. Rather, they point to the pervasive presence of crime and rampant drug use on the streets as the primary factors undermining the once-thriving retail environment.

The sentiment among a majority of residents is that the city’s decline is closely tied to the prevalence of criminal activities and the lack of effective measures to address them.

The impact on local businesses has been profound, with many feeling forced to relocate in search of safer and more conducive environments. In essence, the ongoing exodus of retailers from San Francisco is a stark reminder of the repercussions of ill-conceived policies and a failure to acknowledge the role of crime in undermining economic vitality. As the city grapples with these challenges, it becomes evident that effective solutions are needed to restore its former vibrancy. Ultimately, the responsibility for this decline lies with those in leadership positions. As the saying goes: “The fish rots from the head down.”