Source: Bonchie

Yesterday, despite Sen. Joe Manchin’s flip-flop on the For the People Act, the Democrat-led attempt to enact a one-party state via ballot harvesting, barring voter ID, taking over redistricting, and generally hijacking elections at the federal level failed.

In a 50-50 vote, Republicans were able to successfully block the bill, leaving HR1/S1 with nowhere to really go at this point. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema reiterated that she would not entertain blowing up the filibuster to get it passed.

Now, it’s all over the but the crying, and perhaps that’s the best part of all this? Here’s Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pulling her hair out over the defeat.

There are a few things wrong here. For starters, a 50-50 Senate does not denote a majority on either party. The vice president constitutes a tie-breaking vote in certain situations, but that’s irrelevant to whether one party’s elected senators have more of a mandate than the other. Besides, even if it were 51-49 in favor of Democrats, that’s still hardly a mandate to blow up the filibuster and wreck the institution of the Senate to pass highly partisan legislation.

Besides, there are no “voting rights” in HR1/S1. That false mantra may be pervasive in the media, but that makes it no more credible of a claim. Voting rights already exist for everyone who meets the legal requirements, and those requirements are not based on any discriminatory provision. AOC and all her woke, socialist cohorts have not been denied the right to vote and federalization of things like ballot harvesting are not “voting rights.” It’s a cute word game, but it’s also nonsense.

Of course, the real funny part about this is the hypocrisy. It’s always the hypocrisy, right? And AOC delivered that in spades because she once cheered the filibuster after it was used by Democrats, which means she does not, in fact, believe that the minority shouldn’t be able to block bills.

So the filibuster is good when it serves AOC’s purposes. When it doesn’t, it’s an evil relic of the minority used to stop the march of progress. Are you seeing the game, yet?

None of that really matters, though. The hypocrisy is the point, and no Democrat outside of Sinema in Congress has enough shame to care when they are called out. What matters is winning these battles and nothing else. You aren’t going to make Chuck Schumer or AOC see the error of their ways. Well, at least until Democrats lose at some point in the future and they suddenly love the filibuster again.