Posted BY: G. Murphy Donovan

“Politics is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred, and schizophrenia.”


The next American presidential election year should be a potboiler — not Orwell’s 1984, but close.

The playbook on the left is pretty much a done deal.  Joseph Robinette Biden and family will be running on three planks: the war in Ukraine with Russia, the battle for woke at home, and “anybody but Trump.”  Call it Putinesque abroad and grotesque at home.  More than a little ironic that Democrats, formerly the refusenik party, is now a guns-and-butter wunderkind, marching globally under rainbow flags.

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The Beltway swamp makes for bizarre literal and figurative bedfellows.  Americans may have delusions about Biden’s family identity, but the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin certainly do not.

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