Source: J.B. Shurk

In hindsight, all those photoshopped images of Donald Trump as Rocky Balboa that were ubiquitous across the globe while he was in office should have been understood as obvious foreshadowing.  Of course, Trump’s journey in politics was always going to take a measure of the man and put the meat onto the bones of one of Rocky’s most memorable philosophical exhortations

The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.  It is a very mean and nasty place. … It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.  You, me, or nobody is going to hit as hard as life.  But it ain’t about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward.  That’s how winning is done!

Holy smokes!  If that monologue doesn’t serve as a fitting tribute to President Trump, I don’t know what does.  Now here he comes off the mat once again, after being pummeled by a Deep State and a D.C. Uniparty that have tried to knock him out so many times, and all I can hear in the background of his increasingly visible presence on the national scene are the trumpets slowly picking up cadence and crescendoing into the adrenaline-pumping masterpiece, “Gonna Fly Now,” which may as well serve as the autobiographical anthem for both the fictional pugilist and his real-life political incarnation.  Everybody loves a comeback story, and I think we’re about to see one for the ages.

I have no sympathy for the cabal of Deep State Davos dictators, Joseph Goebbels–trained media conglomerates, and Silicon Valley techno-fascists who have conspired for over five years to depose and criminally jeopardize President Trump through lies, espionage, and propaganda.  I do laugh heartily when I think of how dumbfounded and panic-stricken they all must be when, after all of their crimes, double-dealing, and attempted coups d’état, the former president is sitting in the pole position as the runaway favorite to win the 2024 election.  In the words of Greta the Terrible, “How dare he?”  

Democrats and the underlying shadow bureaucracy (that has run the U.S. government since at least WWII) are used to Establishment Republicans with such fragile backbones that nothing more than a well-timed boo sends them straight to the mats.  (For more information on traditional Republican invertebracy, see “Mittens” Romney or pushover Paul Ryan.)  Against Trump, however, a Clinton-Obama-FBI-Intelligence Community-Old Guard Republican-Big Media conspiracy to hang the MAGA president as a Russian spy and traitor has blown up in their faces.  Two extraordinary yet failed impeachments — the first attempting to hang inexplicably the Biden Crime Family’s Ukraine quid pro quo sources of income around Donald Trump’s neck and the second attempting to accuse the president of instigating “insurrection” and “rebellion” as part of a barely concealed strategy to so rile up the public that the American people would clamor for Trump to lose his head — ended up proving that the Uniparty Congress and its media enablers are nothing but charlatans, villains, and oafs.  

The goals of the 2020 election were obviously to drown the public in propaganda polls predicting a Biden landslide and then to circumvent state laws through ad hoc pandemic-justified electoral hocus-pocus allowing political operatives to dump enough unverified and unsecured mail-in ballots into a handful of Democrat-controlled cities in battleground states to hand the senile old coot a fabricated victory.  A funny thing happened on the way to Biden’s stolen glory, though: President Trump ended up winning over ten million more votes than in his 2016 victory, expanded his support among women and minorities; won almost every traditional bellwether county from coast to coast by double digits; and hauled in more votes than any sitting president in history.  

Ever since the “coup that must not be mentioned,” the whole corrupt clown show of empty talking heads, social media censors, and criminally unjust criminal justice apparatchiks intent on punishing “election misinformation” has insisted that the 2020 election proved that Donald Trump is somehow a loser.  Yet for anybody with a brain not hooked into the Matrix, it’s clear that the president succeeded beyond the expectations of those political operatives charged with pulling off and covering up the 2020 heist.  And what has been the logical end result?  Donald Trump is now more popular today than he was a year ago.  

Tally-ho, coup-plotters, and election manipulators — for all your ham-fisted attempts at destroying whom you cannot beat, your quarry has only gotten bigger and more ferocious in the end.  Now the question of who is pursuing who is very much in doubt.  Even while not in the office — and even while being censored and silenced by American companies that falsely claim to support the First Amendment while actually supporting state-sanctioned agitprop — Donald Trump stands on the sidelines of American politics like a hunter beside his stalking horse, slyly commenting on each Biden misstep and reminding the country how much better off it was when he was in charge.

Every disaster unleashed by the current occupant of the White House was predicted by President Trump.  Free speech, American history, and gun rights are under attack.  The Obama-Biden politburo has returned the DOJ and IRS to their status as political persecutors targeting conservatives for wrongthink.  Because of Biden’s weakness and ineffectual presence, America’s national security is at heightened risk.  And the economy rests flimsily like a turret made from eggshells on a mountain-sized house of cards, ready to come crashing down suddenly when the Fed admits what we already know: that you can’t print your way out of insolvency.  

Higher gas prices, higher food prices, runaway inflation, and calamitous inventory shortages — Trump warned that Biden’s über-regulatory, socialist agenda would sound the death knell for American prosperity.  After eight years of misery at the pump precipitated by Obama’s America-Last “reign of terror,” President Trump put the “drill, baby, drill” plan into action to make the United States energy-independent for the first time in a century, and Americans benefited with four years of gas prices that hovered around two bucks a gallon for those in the middle of the country.  Commie Joe and the Green New Deal blowhards — salivating at the dual prospects of punishing Americans for enjoying the freedom of the open road and ushering in a new era of international oligarchy in which every billionaire pockets billions more from one Solyndra boondoggle to the next — are rapidly pushing pump prices past five dollars a gallon.  Trump unleashed the free markets, and ordinary Americans on Main Street were by far the primary beneficiaries.  O’Brien has reinstalled all the central planners, benefited only the über-wealthy, and killed economic freedom faster than the duchess of Cornwall can safely grab a gas mask to survive Stinky Joe’s presence.  

Why must “progress” always means making the rich richer while kicking the little guy?  Because that’s the plan, obviously — to take from the have-nots and replenish the uppity haves with so much extra succor that they have no problem laundering their windfalls straight into the campaign coffers of politicians running for office to represent the people in whose name they thieve. 

President Trump, the billionaire, was always looking out for the “little guy.”  The Democrats, always lying about sticking up for the “little guy,” are in the political arena only to make new billionaires.  Is it any wonder, then, that the man who refuses to stay down on the mat looks to be making the mother of all comebacks again?  Maybe it’s time the guardians of our precious “democracy” stick that truth in their pipes and choke on the smoke!