Source: Jim Hoft

The Cyber Symposium, which is set to expose the mass voter fraud started on Tuesday and revealed some very shocking new data.

Before Tuesday on Monday, Mike Lindell announced that a mock election was set to be held, and interactive fraud displays would be available while teams broke off to analyze cyber data.

The interactive displays at the symposium reveal the recorded results versus the alleged real results for every state in “THE BIG LIE” vs. “THE TRUTH”.

TRENDING: Mike Lindell Opens Thursday Cyber Symposium with SHOCKING Developments: Another Home Raided, Credible Threats, Conference Infiltrated

“The Truth” in Pennsylvania

One can use this interactive computer to click on a category under any state’s name. There are two categories, “The Truth” and “The Big Lie”.

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The Big Lie section shows the official 2020 election, The Big Lie’s results.

“The Truth” in Georgia

The Truth shows what Lindell says are the true 2020 election results.

Arizona, this one’s big, the Maricopa County audit. Wow! I wonder how many of those votes were in Maricopa County. Trump Wins Michigan. Lets see Pennsylvania, The Big Lie. The truth is Trump won Pennsylvania. The Big Lie in Georgia, Biden Wins. The Truth, Trump Wins Georgia. In Conclusion, the truth here is that Trump won the 2020 election and were only going to see more proof as the Cyber Symposium goes on.

“The Truth” in Michigan

Lindell’s truth has faced a few hiccups due to threats, investigations, raids, event infiltration, and a possible “poison pill” which was placed within the data in order to corrupt it all.

The Arizona audit team has yet to release their much-anticipated audit results of the 2020 Maricopa County presidential election.