Posted BY: Janet Levy

From the cover depicting two skulls of engraved metal fused into a diabolical Janus to its 13 ominous chapters, Patrick M. Wood’s latest book — The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism — is a scary read.  It “presents a high-altitude view of many complex topics to give the reader an understanding of the forces shaping the world today.”  It also gives a dire warning: “Those who claim to be the sole designers of our future will rob us of all our rights to that future and in that future.  If we let them get away with this, their victory will be final and there will be no return.”

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Wood, who has been studying globalization stratagems for 45 years, says we are being herded into an Orwellian future by technocracy and transhumanism, two forces united in scientism and enslaved to the globalist pursuit of the Great Reset.  The first, the older force, aims to re-engineer society by destroying Western civilization.  The second — an ally that has gathered immense power of late through advances in the convergent sciences of biotech, nanotech, infotech, and cognitive science (NBIC) — aims to re-engineer humans, modifying genes and merging every individual with technology.  The operating premise is that humankind is unsuited for the global transformation that must take place, so a 2.0-version “master race,” subservient nevertheless to the ruling elite, must be created.

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