On one hand, we can attribute pretty much everything bad that’s happening to a populace that is in the dark thanks to propaganda, gaslighting, and censorship. But on the other hand…

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

Editor’s Commentary: In many ways, the headline and this story are accurate. Since Big Tech in general and Twitter in particular operate as a primary means of communication regarding news for the masses, it is an accurate assessment that censorship and narrative control contribute to pretty much every major crisis we’re facing right now. From Covid-19 “vaccines” to the war in Ukraine to the stolen 2020 and 2022 elections, it’s clear that Big Tech interference has played a massive role in keeping the truth hidden and the false narratives flourishing.

With that said, I want to point out the other side of the coin. As big as this story is, it’s actually a distraction. Before the Twitter Files, we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Big Tech has been working against us. Now that the Twitter Files are being released, we have confirmation. We’re learning a bit about how it all works and that can definitely help us prevent other current and future narrative control operations in and out of Twitter. But I am a bit concerned that the story is getting too much attention from the right even as it’s getting zero attention from the left.

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