Posted BY: Larry Johnson

Russia and Ukraine have been slugging it out in Bakhmut, a strategic location vital to Ukraine’s ability to remain in the western part of the Donetsk Republic, and it is evoking alarm among Ukraine’s western allies as Russia grinds on with devastating effect.

A Dallas Morning News opinion piece by Hollie McKay, who clearly sides with Ukraine, admitted some uncomfortable truths:

A victory for the Russians, even one that resembles the apocalypse, is a very real and very jarring possibility. For the Kremlin, securing Bakhmut — one of the few places it is not in retreat — represents the frenzied feat needed to change the narrative of their losing “special military operation.”. . .

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I watch helplessly as missiles whirl above and slam into civilian infrastructure. Certainly, Moscow’s targeting of non-combatant dwellings has been well-documented throughout the war. However, what I also observe is that Ukraine’s military often sets up posts directly outside humanitarian headquarters, hospitals and homes. It is for self-protection or because there are no longer conventional sandbagged frontlines and delineations between the armed and the unarmed. Nevertheless, it makes the scenario uncomfortable and makes every inch a pronounced target.

Holly indulges the fantasy that Russia is mostly retreating. That is a lie. Russia is moving on a broad front in Donetsk and the Ukrainians are paying a terrible price. Not my opinion. It is the judgment of a neo-Nazi Ukrainian commander:

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