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Comey: I am the law.  Fauci: I am the science.  Deep State: We are your democracy.  Federal Reserve: We are your freedom.  This kind of authoritarianism does not belong in America.  When tyrants pervert the law, distort scientific inquiry, abuse their power, and pilfer middle-class savings, they are American in name only.

Now that Mr. Durham has gotten around to confirming what most of us have known for nearly seven years — namely, that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Brennan, Jim Comey, James Clapper, and the State-aligned press corps doing the Intelligence Community’s bidding all conspired to push the fraudulent Russian collusion narrative in an attempt to take down a duly elected president — there are quite a few people calling for the FBI to be either reformed or disbanded.  Surprisingly, some of these people now calling for the FBI’s demolition are even elected officials.

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My response is simple: that should be just the beginning.  The federal government is rotten to its core.  By the terms of the U.S. Constitution, it has accumulated powers and authorities far beyond anything enumerated and vested to it.  It funds a massive administrative state that should not exist.  It not only ignores the Bill of Rights but actively works to undermine those rights. 

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