Source: James Mullin

I do not write this article for the typical American Thinker reader. Like me, the typical reader already recoils in revulsion and fear about the direction this country and world are heading. I write instead for the Leftist sappers and monitors who watch what comes out in American Thinker either to pounce on it in trolling comments or simply report back to their overseers.

I want us all to engage in a New Year’s Day mental exercise and extrapolate where we will be—not as a country but as a culture—in 20 years. In that span, patriot conservatives may win a midterm election or two, and perhaps even a presidential election, but the culture will continue its 70-year trend.

Why? Because presidents and senators don’t (really) determine what is taught to your kids, what messaging is being spewed forth by the Mainstream Media, what poisonous social engineering projects corporate and foundation boards are wasting their (and our) money on, what morality is currently being wafted from pulpits.

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So here are 10 predictions for 2040, though all bets are off if China and Russia fully realize just how broken we are, and militarily call our bluff. Their probable involvement in what is described below will, however, likely stay their hand, since they’d be fools to interfere with a foe who is intent on self-immolation.

  1. The states of Texas and/or Florida go blue in 2026. This is what the undeclared open borders policy was all about. Well, it worked. Once either or both of these states fell (permanently, by the way) into the Democrat camp, it was over, governmentally for the United States. We then had a one-party government as far as one could see. The conservative camp was kept around as a window decoration of democracy, but it served no legislative function. In terms of laws, these were now crafted by closed-door discussions between centrist leftists and radical leftists.
  2. In 2027, we began to be very cold in the winter and very, very hot in the summer. In fact, heat was now used as a weapon against the conservative South. Think brownouts. Lots of them. And targeted ones. The Beijing-directed climate farce went smoothly into the 9th inning as US energy production and, by extension, its industrial base were further castrated to the point where the power grid ground to a dystopian halt, as the myth of wind and solar bore their sterile harvest. American coal, natural gas, and oil were all directed west across the Pacific. In the winter in the Northeast and Midwest, one could no longer find any kindling on forest floors as citizens scavenged mountainsides to keep their apartments warm the old-fashioned way—until in 2036 wood burning was banned.
  3. The centrally corrosive doctrine of moral relativism as applied to sexuality bore its ultimate fruit. What we once termed pedophilia was mainstreamed and codified in 2037. Jeffrey Epstein was merely ahead of his time. It used to be that, once you survived in utero, you were home free. Not anymore. The Vatican issued a cautionary statement, but given its history in the matter, Her Holiness refrained from any outright condemnation, forwarding the issue to a Synod of bishops representing all genders for further study.
  4. Anti-abortion laws were not only struck down but the U.S. One Child Policy became enshrined into law in 2030, with compulsory abortion when and where needed. Exemptions were granted only to ethnic minorities, though it became less clear what was actually a minority by 2031.

Image: A dead America (edited in befunky). Piqsels.

  1. What were once called “Christmas Lights” were banned in 2033 to decrease stress on the power grid and to appease the rapidly growing Muslim population in the U.S. Street fighting between Muslim and Hispanic towns and enclaves became ever more frequent.
  2. The Great Cholera Epidemic of 2029 reduced the populations of the major U.S. cities by 10% as shipments of antibiotics from Asia and Iran failed to meet the demand and reports of defective drugs were rumored. Deaths from a defective flu vaccine in 2036 had exceeded the deaths due to flu itself that year, with the latter even being exceptionally high due to winter fuel shortages in the Northeast.
  3. Media reports of increasing bridge/tunnel collapses and major air crashes became heavily censored by 2035, as the Department of Citizen Contentment expanded its role.
  4. In the third year of the 2034 Five Year Grain Plan, importing grain from Argentina and Russia marked the first-ever need for corn, wheat, and soybean imported to the United States. Food rioting became an increasingly common event on the East and Gulf Coasts.
  5. In 2036, the first re-education camps were built, one in southern Louisiana for climate deniers and one in Wyoming for those found guilty of attempted escape to Latin America as well as religious traditionalists, nationalists, and those arrested for homeschooling. Reports of construction of very large facilities by multinational Big Tech/Pharma companies just outside the Wyoming camps were rumored to be for purposes of expansive clinical trials.
  6. In 2040, the states of Massachusetts, Columbia, New York, and Vermont made a formal petition at UN headquarters in Hong Kong to dissolve the United States into four autonomous regions as a means of segregating its increasingly fractious ethnic populations and reducing the need for UN military involvement on the erstwhile U.S. mainland.

When you are done having a good laugh, ask yourself what the reactions would be of your grandparents coming home to the U.S. in 1945 and finding a sitting senile US President, a possibly stolen presidential election, forced vaccination of Americans (loss of employment equals force, by the way), a likely worldwide pandemic from a man-made virus, mass education of American youth in a culture of American historical criminality, empty churches, the joyous embrace of transgenderism (or else). Just ask how a U.S. Army, Navy, Marine, or Air Force veteran returning home from Europe or the Far East would respond. You will be the last generation of Americans ever to be able to reach back to that thought.

To those who monitor American Thinker for the Left, how exactly do you feel about your participation now in the events that will bring us the future described above? When you yourself (or those you profess to love) are engulfed (and drowned) in the waves of social change you engender, will there be any final regrets? No, I didn’t think so, either.