Posted BY: Christopher Garbacz

The University of Pennsylvania (UPENN), which Benjamin Franklin helped found in 1751, has become the poster child for what the radical left has done to America’s once outstanding universities. It’s been in the news repeatedly over the last few years, not because of the quality of its faculty and students but because it is at the forefront of woke economic, academic, diversity, and athletic policies. Examples of its woke degradation are that it took money from China for the Biden “think tank,” attempted to fire legal scholar and distinguished teacher Amy Wax for “wrong think,” and slapped normal America (and women) in the face by allowing Will “Lia” Thomas, a moderately good male swimmer, to become dominant against women.

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UPENN is a private institution with almost 40,000 employees (including almost 4,800 faculty members) and almost 22,500 students. For an undergraduate, tuition and living costs exceed $80,000. The school also has a $20 billion endowment.

When Obama’s second term ended, UPENN created the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement and made Joe Biden a professor. At the time, no one could have mistaken Biden for a scholar. So why did UPENN do this?

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