Source: The Vaccine is a Dud

Simply put the vaccine programs are really population control programs, because by pushing vaccines the elites are pushing vaccine passports which are the first step to creating digital ID numbers on a software platform where every subject’s personal information will eventually end up.  Control of information means control of the subjects.

The real-life model for this is the Chinese social credit system. This system is, through the totalitarian perspective, a brilliant combination of national digital identification numbers combined with high surveillance technology all controlled by advanced artificial intelligence.  Each Chinese subject is branded with a digital number and the surveillance state can follow his employment, medical, criminal, and schooling records, his online browsing records, his voiced political views, and even the places he visits through GPS positioning technology. 

TRENDING: “Huge Numbers” of Children Refusing to Wear Face Masks in School

If the subject so much as jaywalks across a street, it will likely be picked up by one of the millions of surveillance cameras installed in Chinese cities and run through face recognition software.  All this data is then combined and processed and the subject is given a “social credit score” which is then used to dole out rewards and punishments.  Score too low and the subject can be denied access to train and air travel. Score even lower and the subject can be denied a good job, good housing, access to credit, or even access to dating apps so the poor devil might even have a hard time finding a date.[i]

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