If true, this is already a massive violation of national security

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Let’s summarize.

There’s no evidence that Hunter Biden, at the very least, employed Joe Biden as a prop to peddle influence around the world. And there’s evidence that Joe Biden was, at the very least, willing to go along with it.

The nicest possible interpretation of events here was that Joe Biden was helping his crackhead son peddle influence to support his family, and his drug and hooker habit, but didn’t personally profit from any of it.

The other interpretation is that the Big Guy was getting paid too.

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Either interpretation though ends in the same place with Joe Biden being involved, directly or indirectly, in ties with foreign governments, illegal transactions, tax violations, violation of the foreign agent registration act, and likely worse things once you dig into the details of the deals which the FBI made certain not to do.

Emerging evidence however keeps tilting toward the Big Guy theory of political corruption.

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