Source: J. Robert Smith

From Breitbart News, April 19:

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, California — Four times as much fentanyl is flowing across the United States-Mexico border under President Joe Biden compared to two years prior when former President Trump was in office.

The U.S.-Mexican border exists in name only.  Joe Biden erased it.  His is a wanton act of disregard for the welfare, safety, and security of Americans.  Impeachment is a must, should Republicans take charge of the U.S. House next January.  Biden’s actions amount to willful dereliction of duty that constitutes “high crimes.”  Ranking Biden administration officials running national security or law enforcement departments and agencies are culpable, too.  They should be subject to removal proceedings.  

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The Biden administration is dropping Title 42 this May.  That merely opens wider the floodgates to illegals and worse aggressions by Mexico’s cartels, which are pumping phenomenal amounts of killer drugs into the country.  The mainland Chinese are accessories in this for-profit assault.  Fentanyl and meth ingredients are produced by them.  Those products are shipped to Mexican cartels, which finish the manufacture, then distribute and sell these poisons in the U.S.  An estimate 100,000 Americans died of drug overdoses last year, a record.  Human trafficking is a lucrative side venture for the cartels, too. 

Lax border enforcement has occurred under Democrat and Republican administrations, but never has the southern border been deliberately undone. 

President Trump aggressively addressed the border crisis, only to be fought by open border Democrats and stonewalled by pro-cheap labor Republicans. 

Make no mistake, the southern border debacle is the result of intentional policy.  Biden and Democrats are brazenly advancing the Democrat Party’s narrow political aims over America’s vital interests.  Democrats seek new constituents and voters; illegals furnish both.  The damage being done by this massive influx to communities across the nation has just begun.  The longer-term harm caused by this invasion is incalculable.     

From Just the News, April 19:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on Tuesday told Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that illegal immigration is an “attack” on American sovereignty and a “conscious decision to rewrite the rules of civilization.

That’s not Gaetz grandstanding.  An attack on U.S. sovereignty — on the very fabric of American society — is underway.  Biden and Democrats are permitting the cartels and China to wage war against their own country.    

From Yahoo!News, October 6, 2021:

MISSION, Texas — Mexican cartel members dressed in military-like outfits and toting AK-47 rifles have been taunting U.S. soldiers assigned to the southern border, an unprecedented act of aggression, Texas authorities say.      

We have to wrap our minds around this: the cartels aren’t mere criminal enterprises; they’re paramilitary outfits.  They’ve got firepower like light infantry and employ terrorist tactics.  Many of their members are corrupt ex-police and former Mexican military skilled and experienced in combat and killing.  Mostly unreported in the U.S., a war is raging in Mexico among cartels vying for turf and power.  Biden’s open borders practically ensures that that war migrates north.    

Now, though, cartels are waging irregular warfare against the U.S. in cahoots with the PRC.  Both are motived by profit, not territorial conquest, but the Chinese see advantages in vexing the U.S. by stoking the country’s violent drug trade and degrading society.  Chinese criminal gangs are blamed for the trouble, but that’s naïve.  Xi and the Communist Party have an iron grip on the mainland.  So lucrative a trade isn’t happening without their knowledge and, dare say, the approval of Xi and his cronies.  Xi’s goal is to replace the U.S. as the global superpower. 

Law enforcement and cross-border policing in cooperation with the Mexican government — such as it is — aren’t defeating the cartels.  The U.S. is fighting a version of the Vietnam War: there are drug interdiction and seizure metrics and body counts, in that some cartel members are captured or killed, but there’s no actual progress in winning the fight.  Where’s the light at the end of the tunnel?  

Enemies are defeated by destroying them.  Destroying the cartels means U.S. military forces on ground in Mexico.  This, then, requires Mexico’s cooperation.  Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador must permit U.S. military intervention in alliance with his military.  Obrador surely worries about the ongoing threat posed by the cartels to the Mexican government’s authority and stability.  He should have every incentive to end the terror cartels inflict on the Mexican people.

Yet, the U.S. may have to persuade Obrador with carrots and sticks.  China increasingly has its hooks in the Mexican economy.    

From Forbes, February 23:

Over the last few years China’s presence in Mexico has expanded in both legal and illegal activities. According to preliminary data, trade between China and Mexico topped $100 billion in 2021, a new record. Imports from China account for over 90% of total trade between China and Mexico. Chinese foreign direct investments in Mexico tallied $189 billion in 2020.             

Moreover, the U.S. must call out and sanction the PRC for its role — directly or indirectly — as the cartels’ chief fentanyl supplier.  No slaps on the wrist.  Sanctions must be punitive, focusing on curtailment of trade and imposition of painful tariffs.  The U.S., coordinating with the Mexican government, must interdict fentanyl and other illicit drug shipments from China or those routed through third parties. 

A Republican Congress needs to put legislation on Biden’s (or Harris’) desk that finishes the wall and hikes budgets for the border patrol, DEA, and ICE.  Calls must be made for military action cross border.  Anticipating vetoes, Republicans should repeatedly present measures that underscore these aims.  Voters in 2024 deserve to see how starkly different Republicans are from Democrats.  America First Republicans must lead.                     

A southern border wall – perhaps, with Mexico’s consent, a security zone south of the wall – and greater policing are necessary defensive measures.  As President Trump’s policies proved, a wall (where completed) and beefed-up border security curtailed the flow of illegals into the country.  Among illegals are drug mules and gangsters, so keeping illegals out is critical.  Yet border measures alone are inadequate. 

The next president must enact a comprehensive “roundup and return” policy of illegals who will have entered the country during Biden’s term.  Laws must be pursued that end “anchor babies” as illegals’ means of remaining in the U.S.  Extensive sweeps of communities are required to remove the worst criminal elements that are now entering the country.  States and localities have no constitutional right to establish “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens.        

The cartels are run by ruthlessly ambitious, scheming men.  The U.S. is their prime market.  Cartel bosses are thoroughly incentivized to work overtime conniving ways to skirt obstacles.  Hence, taking the fight to the cartels and destroying their networks and operations is imperative. 

It’s important to note that while staunching the flow of drugs into the U.S. is critical, it isn’t the sole determiner in ending the drug scourge.  Consumer demand drives cartels and others in the pursuit of profit.  Hedonism and despair seem the principal motivators for Americans’ appetite for drugs.  Modern culture is broken.  The repair is a return to faith, traditional values, and intact families.  Life must be valued as greater than a thrill or an escape from woes.    

Yet, unscrupulous men will seek to exploit weaknesses for money and power.  Their evil and the harm it’s inflicting on Americans cannot be permitted to stand.  With courageous leaders, the U.S. can be made freer from the poison, violence, and societal rot that the drug trade brings.    

The war Americans need to fight isn’t against the Russians in Ukraine.  It’s right across the Rio Grande.  It’s a war the U.S. must fight and win.