Posted BY: Cristina Laila

The Deep State is coming for Joe Biden.

Robert Mueller’s “pitbull” Andrew Weissmann on Saturday turned on Joe Biden and suggested the president is engaged in a cover-up in light of classified documents being discovered at Biden’s private office and Delaware residence.

“The WH keeps digging a hole deeper: they have failed to answer so many questions, which is very strange if this is all an innocent mistake.” Andrew Weissmann said on Saturday morning.

“Total number of government docs found and precisely where; and what levels of classification?” Weissman said.

“Why wasn’t this all revealed in Nov/Dec?” he added.

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The White House got caught trying to cover up yet another huge scandal involving Joe Biden.

According to a timeline of events provided by Joe Biden’s lawyers, the classified documents were discovered at Penn Biden Center on November 2.

Joe Biden stored top-secret files with the “sensitive compartmented information” (SCIF) designation at Penn Biden Center in DC.

The news of the discovery of “top secret” documents improperly stored at Penn Biden Center was leaked to CBS News and reported to the public on Monday.

Biden never publicly announced his lawyers found the documents at his private office. A leak to the media forced the story out.

A second batch of documents was discovered at Biden’s Delaware home in his garage on December 20.

That discovery wasn’t released to the public until Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

A THIRD set of classified documents were discovered on Thursday night, according to Biden’s lawyers.

However, Karine Jean-Pierre all day Thursday claimed “the search was complete” – later that night Biden’s lawyers discovered more classified materials in Joe Biden’s library.