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(Natural News) The whole world is now in a nuclear doom feedback loop that ends with nuclear missiles flying and detonating over densely populated western cities. This “doom loop” is being aggressively pushed by the Biden regime and NATO forces, seemingly in an effort to provoke Russia into a nuclear retaliation that would decimate western cities and allow the bankrupt, corrupt western governments to claim their currencies collapsed because of Russia rather than from all the money printing (looting) that’s they are committing.

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Consider the following:

  • PROVOCATION: The West attacks the Nord Stream pipelines.
  • RETALIATION: Russia launches missile strikes against dozens of Ukrainian cities.
  • PROVOCATION: Bombing attack on the Crimea bridge.
  • RETALIATION: Russia launches even more missile strikes on Ukrainian cities.

What will the next provocation be? Obviously it must be something larger than the attacks on Nord Stream and the Crimea bridge. These attacks are designed to encouraging Putin to overreact, hoping to push him into a nuclear escalation. Therefore, NATO must destroy targets that have high emotional and cultural impact among the Russian people.

What could these next targets be? Perhaps Russian cities with strong cultural history, or even Russian orthodox churches.

Alternatively, the West could stage a false flag attack on the US power grid and blame it on a “Russian cyber attack,” then use the cyber warfare excuse to escalate with with Russia, further escalating the doom cycle.

Every retaliation by Russia seems to foment yet another escalation by Ukraine and NATO, resulting in an even more devastating attack against Russian infrastructure (pipelines, bridges, and who knows what’s next…). This, in turn, enrages the Russian people who demand military retaliation against Ukraine, a nation that mercilessly shelled the people of the Donbass region for eight years, waging an illegal domestic war against their own citizens who have since voted to leave Ukraine and permanently join Russia.

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