Posted BY: E. Jeffrey Ludwig

Many articles are being published about the globalist agenda being put forward by the World Economic Forum and its megalomaniacal leadership, first and foremost Klaus Schwab, but also including Bill Gates and a mysterious figure Dr. Yuval Noah Harari who boasts a Ph.D. from Oxford in world history and now teaches at a university in Jerusalem.

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Harari, like many globalists, can sometimes sound non-threatening and even benign. For example, he writes, “There is no contradiction between nationalism and globalism. Because nationalism isn’t about hating foreigners. Nationalism is about loving your compatriots. And in the twenty-first century, in order to protect the safety and the future of your compatriots, you must cooperate with foreigners.” This is a kind of Rodney Kingism on a global scale. What could be more benign than “cooperation?” Remember, there were riots in Los Angeles in 1992 after the jury found the police “Not Guilty” of criminal assault and wanton brutality after they beat up King, who had resisted arrest.  As the riots were going on, Rodney attempted to defuse the situation by saying, “Why can’t we all just get along?” 

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