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(Natural News) Today’s Situation Update podcast (see below) covers 12 predictions and solutions for 2023. If you hope to navigate the coming year, you’ll want to keep these predictions in mind because they affect everything: Food availability, energy, money and finance, jobs, free speech, and more.

The 12 predictions are summarized below. The overall theme is that global governments will accelerate tyranny and infrastructure destruction while the people of the world continue to get red-pilled. As they awaken to the truth about global depopulation and genocide against humanity, they will push back more aggressively against tyranny. As this takes place, alternative systems of money, communications, medicine, and technology will flourish.

Here’s the overview of my 12 predictions for 2023:

1) Vax deaths accelerate as immune system destruction continues, thanks to “booster” shots (follow-up vaccine-assisted suicide).  and anyone uninformed enough to keep jabbing their bodies with mRNA bioweapons. One expert recently testified before the U.S. Senate, sharing insurance statistics that reveal a 26% increase in mortality following covid-19 “vaccines.” That expert is Josh Stirling. As LifeSiteNews reports:

According to UK statistics, the people of that nation “who took the vaccine have a 26% higher mortality rate,” he said. “The people who are under the age of 50 who took the vaccine now have a 49% higher mortality rate. And worst of all, the people who only took one dose of the vaccine have an approximately 145% worse mortality rate.”

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