TYT co-host Ana Kasparian railed against Democrats failure to stop abortion ruling, coming off sounding more like Alex Jones than a liberal news analyst.

Source: Adan Salazar

A host for the far left online news show The Young Turks’ flew into an unhinged fit of rage Tuesday over Dems’ failure to stop SCOTUS’ potential overturn of Roe v. Wade abortion protections.

Shrieking about how women will be forced to give birth and how Republicans block bills to help out needy parents, co-host Ana Kasparian railed against Democrats for failing to stop the abortion ruling, coming off sounding more like Alex Jones than a liberal news analyst.

After a lengthy outburst, co-host Cenk Uygur pointed out, “Isn’t it amazing that not one Democrat has shown 1 percent of the passion Ana has today.”

“They don’t care! They’re fine” Kasparian screamed, interrupting Uygur. “They’re fine! They’re all so old they don’t even have to worry about it affecting them and if they’re young enough where it would affect them they’ll get their abortion. OK? They’re trading individual stocks, enriching themselves! They’re good! They’re good! They don’t care about you. Make sure you understand that and you feel that in your bones: They don’t care about you AT ALL!”

She continued: “All of that fundraising! All of that canvassing! All of that hard work on the ground! And they can’t even get a voting rights bill passed! They’re losers!”

Uygur was hilariously left to pick up the pieces, saying, “Thank you Ana for communicating this momentous injustice and the rage we’re all feeling today.”

In another clip from Tuesday Kasparian claims to be done with the Democrat party due to their fecklessness.

“If we’re going to wait for our elected lawmakers to protect us from these religious zealots and right-wing authoritarians man we have another thing coming,” she said.

“How many times do we have to be disappointed by them [Democrats]? I’m done with them. I am personally – I don’t speak for everyone on this network… I’m done with them, completely. The Democratic party. Every single one of them. That includes the squad. I don’t care anymore. They have not delivered! They have not delivered. I’m done.”

It’s good to see the radical leftists are taking it well. Expect to see even more deranged meltdowns when SCOTUS actually makes the decision public.