Posted BY: John Green

When did morality become relative?  When did good and evil stop being black and white — and become shades of gray?  When did thieves and murderers stop being predators and become the oppressed victims of a corrupt system?

Those are the fruits of moral relativism.  It holds that there is no absolute right or wrong — what one culture considers “wrong,” another will consider “right.”  It is the philosophy that good and evil are constructs of human beings — not laws of God.

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There are two social frameworks for occupants of our world — “might makes right” and divine law.  “Might make right” is credited to the Greek philosopher Thrasymachus.  The philosophy asserts that a society’s view of right and wrong is determined by those in power.  It imposes no morality on the issue of right and wrong.  It is simply that those in a position to make the rules are free to do so with no ethical constraints.  In “might make right,” strength is righteousness, and prosperity is determined by survival of the fittest.

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