Posted BY: Vince Coyner

Vladimir Putin is a bad guy. Vladimir Putin is a megalomaniac. Vladimir Putin is a criminal. All those things are true. Similarly, Adolf Hitler was a bad guy, a megalomaniac, and a criminal. But Vladimir Putin is not Adolf Hitler and Russia in 2022 is not Germany in 1938/39. But in both cases, the future of the world hung on / hangs in the balance. But maybe not in the way you think….

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Much of the western world was already engaged in war in December 1941 when the United States joined the fight. Most of Europe and much of North Africa were under the boot of the Nazis. Meanwhile, the Japanese continued their control over Korea and had already invaded French Indochina (today’s Vietnam) and large parts of China. German U Boats were prowling the seas sinking ships around the world from belligerents and non-belligerents alike. There was a world war going on; we just weren’t active, frontline participants before Pearl Harbor. However one looks at that period, the world as we know it was under a fierce attack that eventually would have enveloped the rest of the world, including the United States.

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