Posted BY: Joe Hoft


11-08-22 in the 2022 Midterms the infamous “Drop and Roll” occurred in the Michigan Governor race just like it happened in the 2020 Presidential Election. 

The crooks and criminals stealing US Elections are using different tactics.  One of the major ways in which the 2020 Election for President was stolen was the method The Gateway Pundit identified and labeled “The Drop and Roll”.

In the Drop and Roll incidents identified in the 2020 election, we found that at around the point where 90% of the expected ballots were returned, a large batch of ballots was “dropped” with nearly every ballot for Joe Biden.  These batches were as large as 330,000 ballots for Biden in Virginia in one single drop.  The ballot drops were never questioned or challenged by Republican officials.

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Then after that point, nearly all of the batches of ballots recorded in the election from that time forward were in the same ratio of Biden to Trump votes.  And Joe Biden always received more ballots than President Trump.  These results were not random and clearly not legitimate.

Fast forward to last night.  It happened again!

Last night on Frank Speech two separate instances of the drop and roll were recorded in the Michigan governor’s race. 

In the Michigan race, there were two batches dropped for Gretchen Whitmer that put her in the lead in the race after she had been trailing for hours.

Then all of the votes after that point in time were in the same ratio.

These drops gave crooked Whitmer the lead and the election.