“Spectators were completely stripped, including their clothes.”

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

Football fans who suffered assaults and robberies at the hands of gangs of predominantly migrant youths before the Champions League final in Paris last weekend say, “They found our fear amusing.”

As we previously highlighted, the final had to be delayed after people described as “local youths” stormed stadium security, vaulting fences and entering the ground without tickets as well as carrying out countless robberies and assaults on tourists visiting for the game who they saw as easy prey.

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Most of the criminals were comprised of local migrant-background men who live in the ethnic suburb of Saint-Denis, where the Stade de France is located, which is home to a whopping 400,000 illegal immigrants, most of whom are from North Africa and the Middle East.

Media outlets and authorities responded by falsely blaming Liverpool fans who had traveled from England to watch the game for the chaos, covering up for the true perpetrators, while riot police tackled and tear gassed innocent supporters.

More eyewitness testimony has now emerged about what happened during the bedlam on Saturday night, speaking to the fact that it was largely carried out by North African and Middle Eastern migrant men.

“They attacked me. They were hundreds of ‘youngsters,’ or men, they were all men,” said one Spanish fan speaking with French news channel CNews. “They attacked me, and took my four tickets. They had cost me €6,000, but it didn’t matter anymore, we were scared for ourselves and for our children… At the exit, it was even worse. There were even more assailants. They tried to rob my wife’s bag. The attackers were watching my children cry and they were laughing. They found our fear amusing.”

Another eyewitness described the chaos and how police weren’t interested in stopping the actual criminals.

“There were gangs roaming around outside, looking to mug and attack Liverpool fans. We saw one lad have his watch robbed, then my brother, who was a minute or so behind me, started shouting that someone had taken his phone and his money.”

“A few of them managed to catch the lad, but then four or five others came from nowhere. My brother had his face slashed, his mate had his head cut open, and another lad was bottled [smashed with a bottle].”

“They went to the police station but the officers weren’t interested. ‘Go to the hospital,’ they were told.”

“When they got to the hospital, there was a fella in there who had been hit by a metro train when running away from someone with a knife, there were loads who’d been beaten up or hit with bottles. It was grim.”

French-Spanish journalist and author Alejo Schapire highlighted how the ‘fake tickets’ narrative was just a ploy to cover up what really happened and who was responsible.

“The official version of the French authorities: the problems in the Stade de France were because there were too many Englishmen with false tickets. However, the testimonies at the scene give account of robberies, groping by locals from the ‘no-go zone’ and police disorganization,” he wrote.

After being targeted by the migrant mob, Caoimhe O’Neill remarked, “I never thought I would be so happy to leave such a beautiful city.”

Grégory Joron from the SGP Police Unit also described how, “We had never seen it on such a scale. Spectators were completely stripped, including their clothes.”