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The global lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic ruined the lives of millions of people, especially the most vulnerable. Now the globalists responsible admit they issued their decrees solely on the basis of politics.

The World Health Summit held a three-day conference in October with the World Health Organization (WHO). Approximately 300 speakers and 3,000 participants attended to discuss the world’s COVID-19 response and how to approach future pandemics.

Reporter Alexandra Lavoie from Rebel News went to the conference undercover and released footage on Thursday. She spoke with Razak Gyesi Issahaku, a member of the German-West Africa Center for Pandemic Prevention (G-WAC), and pressed him on the globalist elite’s decisions related to the pandemic.  Here are some of his answers:

“In the heat of the pandemic, most of the decisions were not based on science as I said. They were just reactionary. Anything that would help,” said Issahaku.

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