It’s shifting hundreds — if not thousands — of third-party votes to Clinton

Third-party Voters Are “Trading Votes” With Clinton Voters To Defeat Trump


A month ago, Amit Kumar sat in his office, nervously watching the Trump/Clinton polls intersect.

As a Clinton supporter in deeply blue state, the Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur knew his vote wouldn’t do much to affect the outcome. He also knew that elsewhere in the country — particularly in the crucially important swing states — large numbers of third-party votes were tightening the race. Kumar realized that the best way he could help was by getting these third-party swing state residents to vote for Clinton, while still being able to show support for their original candidates.

His solution: “Let them trade votes.”

Kumar launched #NeverTrump — a “marketplace” app where third-partiers in swing states can swap candidates with Clinton supporters in safe states.

This agreement, called vote trading or pairing, is a small but swiftly growing movement playing out across the United States. And at the last minute, it’s shifting hundreds — if not thousands — of third-party votes to Clinton.

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