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MAMMOTH LAKES, California — Since the start of the winter season on Nov. 2, Mammoth Lakes, California, has received 375 inches of snow. In just the past week, since Jan. 9, the town has been inundated with 119 inches of snow. That’s nearly 10 feet of snow burying the resort town. President Joe Biden has approved an emergency declaration for California due to the amount of rain and snow hitting the state all at once.

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While Mammoth Lakes is used to winter weather, a local student, Colton Goetz, talked about how schools were affected this week by all this snow. Goetz said, “I do not normally miss school. But this time, we had three red days in a row,” meaning he missed three days of school in a row this week. He added that this “is the most we had in 30 years, which is pretty impressive.”

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