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For Oregonians hoping to buy gun magazines that can hold nearly a dozen rounds, there is bad news. On the other hand, some sheriffs in the state aren’t keen to crack down on capacity.

As noted by Boise State Public Radio, voters in Oregon have said “yes” to Measure 114.

[The initiative] has two main components. First, to buy a gun, a person [will] need to get a new permit from a local law enforcement agency requiring a criminal background check…in addition to the (federal) one already required to purchase a gun.

And would-be law-abiding murderers will get convinced not to slaughter the innocent — a mandated class will inform them that that hurts people:

Safety courses [will] teach safe storage and handling and how suicide and homicide affect communities.

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The five-year permit, to be clear, is “per person, not per gun.”

Second, any magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition [is] banned. This [will] only apply going forward. People who currently own such magazines [will] be able to keep them though not use them. Guns that have built-in magazines holding more than 10 rounds [now] have to be modified in order to be legally transported or used.

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