Posted BY: Clarice Feldman

If you’ve ever wondered why the Left is so successful in fooling so many people for so long, you might consider branding expert Rob Frankel’s observation

The average IQ score is 100, encompassing about 68% of the population. If you add in the population who isn’t even that bright, all the way down to the bottom of the barrel, you’ll find that an astonishing 84% of the population ranges from “average” to “breathing paperweight.”  That leaves about 16% of people who are “above average” or “really, really smart.”

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Actually, post “pandemic,” I believe U.S. I.Q. scores have gone down for the first time in decades.)

Of course, some really smart people can be taken in, too, but rarely do they confess their error. This week a very intelligent person, Naomi Wolf (B.A. Yale, Ph.D. Oxford) did just that. She offered up a” full-throated apology” to conservatives for falling for the Democrats’ narrative on the January 6 events.

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