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Disgusted and angry to one’s very core. That’s what all American patriots should be who see the all-out invasion of America by millions of illegal aliens, as hundreds of thousands and many millions are making the journey to our Southern Border right now. 

It seems as though Americans are so weak on the whole that they simply sit back, unwilling to raise a furor or gather en masse along the border to stop this incredible mounting catastrophe for all of America, for surely they can see the lie behind the Biden regime’s assurances via Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that the border is secure. Thousands of more illegal aliens from all over the world have been massing in line at the El Paso port of entry alone, since last Sunday, December 11, 2022, and yet, still little or next to nothing from the general public. 

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At least the people of Croatia and Hungary had the backbones to gather along their borders to erect barriers and push back on illegal Muslim immigrants who were fleeing the war-torn Middle East in 2015. And they were only getting a fraction of migrants that America is receiving today. 

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