Posted BY: E. Jeffrey Ludwig

Throughout the campus of a major urban university, two signs dominate.  They are found inside and/or immediately outside every elevator on campus.  One sign is a list of eight sexual harassment behaviors that are rejected and deemed despicable by the university. The other sign pertains to discrimination and lists 21 areas of potential discrimination that will not be tolerated by the university.  Thus, there are 29 despicable behaviors that are verboten. None are defined by the warnings, but the seriousness of breaching any of these prohibited behaviors is clear.  Anyone who has “encountered” any of these behaviors is given an office to call and a telephone number.  No specific punishments are mentioned for engaging in any of these behaviors. 

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The Old Testament had Ten Commandments as the cornerstone of morality, and 613 commandments overall.  The New Testament has two great commandments plus an inner reformation requiring that one be “born again” in order to be part of the family of God and to follow Him. But quotes from the Old Testament moral law or from the New Testament are not seen on campus.

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